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CAFE - Group watch of Barbara Jaenicke video (Color Temperature)

  • Tuesday, March 13, 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • MAL Studio


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Jan Pini and Anne Trimble will share the four-part video they bought showing the pastel landscape painter Barbara Jaenicke's technique (although this is not necessarily a pastel class). $3 studio fee. After watching the session video, we will do recommended exercises for each session (details for this session below).

2/20 - Composition
2/27 - Color Harmony
3/13 - Color Temperature
3/21 - Edges and Editing

Color Temperature Exercise (see below for supplies):

Light illumination and reflections 

Choose one of your own reference photos that has a highly reflective lighting situation, such as light and shadow on water or snow, and/or a lower sky that’s illuminating very bright light (ideally late afternoon/early evening light). As I mentioned on the previous page, the lightest areas of reflected or illuminated light will probably lose accurate color information in the photographic process and appear white. 

Create your thumbnail sketch and underpainting as explained in the lesson. As you choose some of your initial colors for your palette, select light-value warms such as pinks, peaches and yellows that you’ll use where your photo shows white for those very light, reflective or illuminated areas. 

As you choose the rest of your palette, test those chosen colors up against those light-value warms to see if they accurately cause those warms to appear even warmer by surrounding them with cooler color temperatures where necessary. 

If your light-value sunlit/illuminated areas still don’t have the glow they should, try adjusting the value slightly darker and/or the chroma more saturated. If your choices for your warms and cools are accurate, your reflected light and/or illuminated sky should appear to have a warm glow effect.

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