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CAFE - Group watch of Barbara Jaenicke video (Color Harmony)

  • Tuesday, February 27, 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • MAL Studio


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Jan Pini and Anne Trimble will share the four-part video they bought showing the pastel landscape painter Barbara Jaenicke's technique (although this is not necessarily a pastel class). $3 studio fee. After watching the session video, we will do recommended exercises for each session (details for this session below).

2/20 - Composition
2/27 - Color Harmony
3/13 - Color Temperature
3/21 - Edges and Editing

Color Harmony Exercise (see below for supplies):

Developing (and keeping) a harmonious palette (using pastels)

Work from one of your own landscape reference photos that has a dominant color contrast. Create your thumbnail sketch and underpainting as explained in the lesson.

Select 3-5 pastels that will best represent those more saturated, dominant colors. Then select warmer & cooler, lighter & darker, and greyer versions of those initial colors according to the values, temperature and chroma indicated in your landscape. 

Try to keep your total number of pastels less than 20. After you’ve selected your initial color palette, if you have the capability, switch your reference photo to black & white.

Proceed with your painting, choosing additional or alternate pastel selections for your initial palette only when absolutely necessary to make corrections to value, temperature or chroma, referencing only the information you can glean from the black & white version. (Remember, sunlit areas—regardless of the local color—will need warm color temperatures relative to the cooler shadow areas.) As you complete your painting, be sure to repeat variations of existing colors rather than adding more hues.  

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