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Past Exhibits

The links below are to lists of the pieces displayed at past MAL spring and fall exhibits. MAL Standards do not allow a piece to be displayed in a spring or fall show if it has already been displayed in another MAL spring or fall show. Please click on the links below to view a list of each show's pieces in PDF form. Depending on your browser, the PDF file might be downloaded instead of displayed.

For Spring 2022, click here.For Fall 2021, click here.
For Spring 2019, click here.For Fall 2019, click here.
For Spring 2018, click here.For Fall 2018, click here.
For Spring 2017, click here.For Fall 2017, click here.
For Spring 2016, click here.For Fall 2016, click here.
For Spring 2015, click here.
For Fall 2015, click here.
For Spring 2014, click here. For Fall 2014, click here.
For Spring 2013, click here. For Fall 2013, click here.
For Spring 2012, click here. For Fall 2012, click here.
For Spring 2011, click here. For Fall 2011, click here
For Spring 2010, click here. For Fall 2010, click here.
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